What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

It feels like those times in your life when you are staring at an object and allowing your imagination to float away. It is like dreaming without being asleep. Even with eyes wide open some people go into roadway hypnosis and remain standing at traffic lights even long after they have changed to green. Sometimes a driver may drive right past a turn or driveway. This is sometimes called automatism. It is a feeling of being fully aware with the knowledge that you have complete control, yet at the same time feeling a sense of calmness, serenity, safety and well being.

Will I lose control?

Definitely not. Whilst in a state of hypnosis you cannot be made to do anything against your will or contrary to your values or cultural norms. You will not unknowingly reveal your deepest secrets, hypnosis does not operate like a truth drug, People can lie under hypnosis. A person will only act upon suggestions that serve them in some way or reinforce an expected behaviour. Anything else will be rejected by the subconscious mind. People are influenced by seeing or hearing about stage hypnosis shows. These shows although often very real, are purely entertainment value, and should not be compared to the therapeutic skills of a professional clinical hypnotherapist. On the other hand some of the induction procedures and deepening techniques employed by stage hypnotists may be similar to those utilized in the professional hypnotherapists in the therapeutic field.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

Definitely not. The Council of Mental Health of the American Medical Association approved hypnosis in September of 1958 as a safe practice with no harmful side effects. Hypnosis is as perfectly safe when used by qualified professional hypnotherapists, as it is a naturally occurring process.

What is past life regression?

Regression Therapy is like falling through the sky. For some people past life regression is about espousing a belief in reincarnation, for many clients hypnosis is the vehicle whereby they can plug into experiences associated with their past life.

There are no value judgements about peoples beliefs. Alfred is not able to validate whether these past lives actually occurred or not. He is able to say that people can under hypnosis regress to a past life. This life is real to these individuals, it is not imagined or dreamt, all aspects of the life are real. Subjects under hypnosis are able to recall events, dates, names of people, feelings such as pain, happiness, sadness and love. Past life therapy is bound within the esoteric. The process is used as a metaphor by the therapist to achieve positive outcomes for the client. My experience is that the outcomes for the patient when using past life therapy is often quicker and a powerful enlightening of the unknown.

How is it done?

By using Ideo-Ego Dynamics® and specific questioning techniques utilising ideomotor responses as an effective therapy in dealing with past life regression situations. Past life regression is a powerful tool to assess the deepest memory at an unconscious level. Past life memories are sometimes a defensive coping mechanism for the mind to conceptualise issues and matters that have occurred within a conscious state.

Past life regression therapy is about assessing and understanding the emotional issues that are occurring within the experience dealing with those issues in light of those problems or circumstances which are the at hand within the present state.

Is hypnosis an alternative to conventional medicine?

No, as hypnosis does not work with all conditions. On the other hand, hypnosis can help to overcome symptoms, side effects, and some causes. The professional advice and expertise provided by your Medical Doctor or other health professional should not be ignored. As a professional hypnotherapist I often work with health practitioners on a referral basis, this gives the patient the benefit of combining both processes and modalities.

How many consultations are required?

This depends on the condition being addressed. Some persons require 2 or more sessions. The Hypnotherapist will normally see you once a week. However each client’s circumstances and symptoms are different and require appropriate individual treatment. In each case a treatment plan will be developed to meet the needs and circumstances of the client.

I would like to make an appointment – What is the cost?

The first 20 minutes of your initial session are free. You may leave with no obligation and no fees, within the first 20 minutes of the initial session. To make an appointment pleasecontact us.