Mr. Alfred Podhorodecki

Alfred’s main interests are in counselling and helping people overcome emotional and traumatic life issues. He is a qualified:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Forensic Hypnologist
  • Forensic Psychophysiologist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Counsellor
  • Educationalist
  • Victimologist
  • Criminologist

Alfred has over 25 years experience in helping people who have encountered trauma, grief, injury or loss. He is experienced in helping individuals and groups from diverse cultures and social standing, particularly the Aboriginal community and disadvantaged individuals.

He is the former Deputy Head of Department at Monash University, and has lectured in Sociology, Organisational Theory, Aboriginal Culture, Policing, Criminology, Security Management, & Community Justice Studies at various universities including: Monash University, RMIT University, and University of Melbourne.

Alfred has been awarded an institutional Doctorate of Management.

Awards & Achievements

Some of the many awards held by Alfred include:

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Cert. in Investigative & Forensic Hypnosis
  • Cert. in Advanced Therapeutic & Investigative Hypnosis
  • Cert. in Forensic Psychophysiology
  • Diploma of Polygraph Examination for Post Conviction Sex Offenders
  • Masters Degree in Education
  • Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Graduate Diploma of Education Policy & Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • Diploma in Security Management
  • Diploma in Justice Studies
  • Diploma in Police Studies
  • Cert. IV in (Business) Administration
  • Cert. IV in Training and Workplace Assessment
  • Cert. in Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques


He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (USA), the Australasian Society for Psychophysiology, the American Polygraph Association, Military Police Association Australia, International Police Association, and is a licensed Ideo-Ego Dynamics practitioner.

His office is in Mitcham, Victoria, Australia. For more information please contact.


Alfred Podhordecki is referenced in various chapters of ‘Clues From The Beyond’, the new publication out now by Debbie Malone, celebrated Australian Psychic Medium. Malone, M., Clues From Beyond: True Crime Stories From Australia’s #1 Psychic Detective. Rockpool Publishing.





Rebecca Ramos
Rebecca Ramos
Alfred is wonderful. I saw him for weight loss and he helped me with so much more than that. In four weeks I lost over 7kg, have changed my relationship with food and exercise, have a clearer mind, feelmuch happier, and have let go of some anger I didn't realise I was still holding on to. I have now recommended many of my friends and family because this therapy is truly amazing. Thank you for changing my life, Alfred!
Georgia Brodrick
Georgia Brodrick
I saw Alfred to recover repressed memories from an extremely traumatic incident. He handled me with care, made me feel comfortable and gave me so much clarity and closure on the incident.I could not recommend him any more, he helped with my healing and growth more than I ever could have imagined!
Maria Natale
Maria Natale
I was so impressed with Alfred. He was amazing and I can’t believe I did not smoke again from the moment I finished my session with him. I was so sceptical as I still enjoyed smoking. It’s been nearly 2 weeks smoke free !! Thank you Alfred.
My experiance with Alfred was amazing. He was very professional and very caring. I was a little sceptical but once I got back into my car the desire to smoke again was completly gone. Thank you
Life Vision Counselling
Life Vision Counselling
Alfred is a very experienced hypnotherapist. Our professional business association spans more than 12 years. Over those years I have referred many clients to him for anxiety, depression, quitting smoking or addictions and for weight management. Those clients have all commented on Alfreds calm and soothing approach and relayed the experience was enjoyable. I highly recommend Alfred for all your hypnotherapy needs.
Nenad Stanojevic
Nenad Stanojevic
Alpha Hypnotics.I saw Mr. Alfred Podhorodecki about issues which I had been trying to deal with unsuccessfully for some time. Alfred displayed empathy and understanding and through his skill and professional approach I was able to bring about many positive changes within myself. Since then, I have excelled.The things that hampered, and limited me, no longer do so.I am grateful to Mr. Alfred Podhorodecki, for his experience, skills, talents in Clinical Hypnotherapy and the many things he taught me to enhance my life.
jo ross-jackson
jo ross-jackson
WOW! I wish I could give more stars! Alfred is awesome!! I came across Alfred through my work and he "challenged" me to try hypnosis...........Its been a long time since I've felt so good both physically and mentally. Highly highly highly recommend Alfred. If you've ever given hypnosis a thought, just do it and this is the place to go! Tell him "jo" sent you ;-)
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