Hypnosis For Weight Loss: Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis - Description

Gastric band surgery and Lap Band® surgery are conducted successfully throughout the world and assists many morbidly obese people to effectively lose weight. Many lives have been saved. There is however another less intrusive method aimed at weight loss and has none of the sometimes drastic negative side effects and other dangerous consequences associated with surgery. virtual gastric band hypnosis is such a procedure. Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is a hypnotically produced state of the mind that allows the mind to create the surgical outcomes not dissimilar to real Lap Band® surgery. The mind builds a virtual band around the stomach inducing an effective pouch no larger than a golf ball. This is designed to allow the recipient to effectively reduce the food intake.



What outcome is typically achieved through Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis?

Patients who have undergone the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis procedure and adopt the nine special rules can lose weight slowly but progressively. In short, the mind builds a new eating persona with new eating habits becoming a permanent life-style. The nine special rules governing the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis process are based on similar rules implemented by Sheila Granger. Alfred Podhorodecki has undertaken the Sheila Granger “Virtual Lap Band Hypnosis” training. Alpha Hypnotics now incorporates much of this training, together with Ide-Ego Dynamics® to achieve positive weight management outcomes for clients.


How does virtual gastric band hypnosis differ from a diet?

virtual gastric band hypnosis is not a diet programme. Clients can eat pretty much whatever they like. No fancy mixtures, drinks or expensive dietary foods are necessary. The important rules include eating only 3 meals a day with some restrictions on the kind of drinks one may consume. Dieting sets up all sorts of physiological starvation issues for the body to retain fat creating the so-called Yo-Yo effect that causes so much grief to people wanting to lose weight permanently. virtual gastric band hypnosis is simple, it develops new pathways for the mind to deal with cravings and binge eating and the initial causation of one’s bad eating habits. The expert therapist will use hypnotherapeutic principles to address the deep-seated causation of a client’s bad eating habits.




Can anyone undertake virtual gastric band hypnosis?

The program is suitable for most people, particularly the morbidly obese where surgery is not suitable, or for those who don’t meet the body mass index requirements to undergo conventional Lap Band type surgery. There may be situations where the client’s medical practitioner suggests that the 3 meal a day program is not in the best interest of the patient. This then can be altered to meet the patient’s specific needs. Diabetics may need to maintain specific sugar levels, if so the programme is flexible enough able to meet these needs. Generally children under 18 years of age will not be offered this programme without consultation with their medical practitioner or specialist and associated parental or guardian consent.


Why choose virtual gastric band hypnosis over other methods?

The cost: Lap Band® surgery and other stomach reduction surgery is expensive, depending on: the doctor’s fees, your presenting weight, your prior/current health issues, the surgeon’s fees, hospital costs, etc. Even with the right health cover in Australia one may need to pay from $5000 to as much as $18000.
Side Effects: For Lap Band® surgery and other stomach reduction surgery, these may include: severe infection, leakage, lap band failure itself and a myriad of other minor side-effects such as post-operation nausea. Further, pain and vomiting may immediately follow ordinary food consumption. Actual gastric surgery patients may also need vitamised or mashed special food post-operation and often have to deal with constipation. There is a small risk of the band slipping and a subsequent second operation.
Advantages of virtual gastric band hypnosis are: Inexpensive costs, non invasive, high success rate, few to virtually nil side-effects, little waiting time, suitable for most people, no hospital visit/s required, no surgical body disfigurement, absolute zero mortality rate, few dietary requirements, no special foods or mixtures, no medical referral/s required, no rigid exercise programmes, no group meetings, calorie counting or constant weighing and measuring. No invasive probes, foreign objects in the body or physiological complications.

From Julian Johnson Lawyers (Medical Law Specialists)


This is the most common procedure. Completed over 11,000 times in Australia per annum.
Average effectiveness: 50% of the excess weight carried by the patient (on average patients lose 1/2 the weight they wish to). Effectiveness does vary significantly.
Risks: 0.1 – 0.5% of major complication risk. So 1 in every 200 patients to 1 in every 1,000 patients will experience this. From simple maths, each year, 11 – 55 patients will suffer such major complications in Australia from this procedure. 1 in 2,000 risk of death: so 5 – 6 patients per year will die from lap band surgery.


Average effectiveness: 70% of the excess weight carried by the patient (on average, patients lose 70% of the weight they wish to: this is obviously an advantage of such surgery over lap banding).
Risks: 2 – 5% major complication risk. Risk of major complication, therefore up to 50 times higher than with lap band. Most common major complication, as in our case, is anastomotic leak (leak from the staple line where the ‘new’ stomach edge is sewn up). Mortality rate is 1 in 500-600. So about 4 times higher chance of death.


Interesting features of this are, in my view:

  • the fact such surgery, if successful, should be accepted as only assisting with weight loss. It will not on its own be a ‘quick fix’ to obesity issues. With lap bands, the morbidly obese will remain obese even if such surgery is effective.
  • the lap band is safer but less effective than a sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Patients undergoing such surgery need to appreciate and be comfortable with taking the risks, including a clear risk of death associated with such surgery. This should be particularly borne in mind, when such bariatric surgery is for cosmetic reasons, rather than genuinely medically driven. For someone to undergo such surgery, with the aim of becoming ‘thinner,’ and then lose their life through such process is tragic, and yet from the above such risk is clear + should be recognised and considered by the patient, before they agree to proceed.

Reprinted with permission of Julian Johnson Lawyers
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Rebecca Ramos
Rebecca Ramos
Alfred is wonderful. I saw him for weight loss and he helped me with so much more than that. In four weeks I lost over 7kg, have changed my relationship with food and exercise, have a clearer mind, feelmuch happier, and have let go of some anger I didn't realise I was still holding on to. I have now recommended many of my friends and family because this therapy is truly amazing. Thank you for changing my life, Alfred!
Georgia Brodrick
Georgia Brodrick
I saw Alfred to recover repressed memories from an extremely traumatic incident. He handled me with care, made me feel comfortable and gave me so much clarity and closure on the incident.I could not recommend him any more, he helped with my healing and growth more than I ever could have imagined!
Maria Natale
Maria Natale
I was so impressed with Alfred. He was amazing and I can’t believe I did not smoke again from the moment I finished my session with him. I was so sceptical as I still enjoyed smoking. It’s been nearly 2 weeks smoke free !! Thank you Alfred.
My experiance with Alfred was amazing. He was very professional and very caring. I was a little sceptical but once I got back into my car the desire to smoke again was completly gone. Thank you
Life Vision Counselling
Life Vision Counselling
Alfred is a very experienced hypnotherapist. Our professional business association spans more than 12 years. Over those years I have referred many clients to him for anxiety, depression, quitting smoking or addictions and for weight management. Those clients have all commented on Alfreds calm and soothing approach and relayed the experience was enjoyable. I highly recommend Alfred for all your hypnotherapy needs.
Nenad Stanojevic
Nenad Stanojevic
Alpha Hypnotics.I saw Mr. Alfred Podhorodecki about issues which I had been trying to deal with unsuccessfully for some time. Alfred displayed empathy and understanding and through his skill and professional approach I was able to bring about many positive changes within myself. Since then, I have excelled.The things that hampered, and limited me, no longer do so.I am grateful to Mr. Alfred Podhorodecki, for his experience, skills, talents in Clinical Hypnotherapy and the many things he taught me to enhance my life.
jo ross-jackson
jo ross-jackson
WOW! I wish I could give more stars! Alfred is awesome!! I came across Alfred through my work and he "challenged" me to try hypnosis...........Its been a long time since I've felt so good both physically and mentally. Highly highly highly recommend Alfred. If you've ever given hypnosis a thought, just do it and this is the place to go! Tell him "jo" sent you ;-)
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