What is Past-Life Regression Therapy?

For some, it’s a belief in reincarnation, that is, a pathway whereby people can plug into otherwise unattainable experiences associated with a past life.
Past Life memory is often seen as being; it is not imaginary or a dream. Indeed, all aspects of the life appear to be real.
Under hypnosis, the experience is as real as the experience of seeing a colour, smelling an odour or scent, or experiencing the feelings of love or pain.
Subjects under hypnosis – whether past life or otherwise – are able to recall events, dates, names of people and places, including feelings such as pain, happiness, sadness and love.

What Past-Life Regression Therapy is not?

It is not a process commonly known as “Repressed Memory Therapy” or “Recovered Memory Therapy”. Such therapy is one in a series of experimental, unproven therapeutic techniques that psychologists and other therapists have employed without prior testing. “Repressed or Recovered Memory Therapy” are nothing more than Psychological hoaxes that useless, and even dangerous. These RMT memories are purely confabulation and distorted false memories often implanted by the therapist.” (From the site of http://www.religioustolerance.org/rmt_intro.htm)

What are the clinical approaches to using Past-Life Regression?


  • Ideo-Ego Dynamics ®
  • Specific questioning techniques
  • Ideomotor responses, and
  • Ego State Therapy
    an effective therapy in dealing with past life regression situations is possible. Past life regression is a powerful tool to assess the deepest memory at an unconscious level. Past life memories are sometimes a defensive coping mechanism for the mind to conceptualise issues and matters that have occurred within a conscious state.This therapy is about:
  • assessing and understanding the emotional issues that are occurring within the experience
  • dealing with those issues in light of those problems or circumstances which are experienced first-hand within the present state.

Benefits of Past-Life Regression Therapy may include?

  • fulfilment of inner-most personal needs.
  • merely accessing the past life memory can bring about changes in present lives and circumstances.
  • liberation from deep-seated emotional and psychological dysfunctional issues.
  • overcome phobias and physical conditions
  • creating closer connection and bonds to persons within present lives.
  • conquer deep fears of drowning, death or injury under specific circumstances such as whilst at sea or in a motor vehicle.
  • some subjects are surprised to learn about past knowledge, deep wisdom, musical talents or great skills or even numerical prowess that they have not been able to achieve in the present lives.
  • Re-kindling dormant skills in the present life thus giving subjects powerful new skills and abilities, or at perhaps triggering a desire to relearn these skills.

What is the therapeutic value of Regression Therapy?

Hypnosis can be utilised to help people learn the origin of current-life problems or difficulties. It can be just one of many tools a therapist can use to alleviate or eliminate many kinds of emotional and physical problems as well as dysfunctional behaviours.  Most importantly, this therapy can have the therapeutic effect of improving the subject’s skills, performance, health and relationships.