You can now experience all the advantages of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling Online Via Zoom, Skype or even by Phone


You can be confident the outcome of Hypnotherapy and my other services via video conference such as Zoom or even phone will be on par with a face to face session. These non-contact sessions give you the advantage of being in the comfort and safety of your own home, isolated from (Covid19) virus.

  • I have been in practice for 18 years and have specialist qualification from Australia and the U.S.A
  • Although I prefer a face to face session, I find Zoom or Skype to be reliable, less intrusive and satisfying for my clients
  • Once setup, sessions are easy and fulfilling
  • I utilise specific safeguards to ensure total harmony and protection for my patients


Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom


It’s so simple to schedule an on-line therapy session in your home even your office or perhaps your favourite  relaxing location.  What do you need to do?

Phone me at Alpha Hypnotics 03 88024420 or Reception at Live Visions Counselling and Hypnotherapy at 0422 416 894.

We will discuss your options and advise you on the methodology for Zoom on-line therapy. The process is easy and simple.


How Do I Book In?

  • We will schedule a time and date.
  • Once confirmed you will need to  pay a deposit via Pay Pal or direct deposit or EFTPOS you will be notified of dates and times and confirmed
  • The deposit is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled within 24 hours of booking date / time
  • The balance of the booking fee to be paid prior to the session
  • Payment is via EFTPOS or PayPal
  • Although I am fluent in German, the sessions will need to be conducted in English
  • Once confirmed, you will be contacted and given further instructions and directions to participate in the questionnaire and assessment process. A computer, laptop or smart phone will be required.


These are some of the things you will need for your on-line sessions.

  • Internet access (sufficient speed and stable connection)
  • Microphone, speakers or headset
  • Webcam, JB Hi Fi have an excellent selection
  • An appropriate location affording privacy, tranquillity and comfort
  • You will need to download and join Zoom. The free version will be sufficient
  • Desktop computer, Tablet PC, or laptop (with Zoom installed)
  • If using a telephone, then headphones or earphones are very much a necessity


How to prepare for your on-line hypnosis session

  • Set up your environment to ensure you won’t be disturbed during the hypnosis session
  • Turn off all alarms, phones, or sound notifications in advance
  • Use a bed, sofa, recliner or comfortable chair
  • Allow 60-90 minutes for your session
  • Refrain from using  coffee, caffeinated beverages, and alcohol, non-prescription drugs prior to your session
  • Eat something light an hour prior, avoid sugary or sweet items
  • Have friend or family member in another room or close buy with a telephone. This person should not be in the same room or easily be able to hear the session.  The use of headphones is an ideal privacy measure. The reasons for these measures will be explained by myself or reception when booking.


Alfred is a very experienced hypnotherapist. Our professional business association spans more than 12 years. Over those... years I have referred many clients to him for anxiety, depression, quitting smoking or addictions and for weight management. Those clients have all commented on Alfreds calm and soothing approach and relayed the experience was enjoyable. I highly recommend Alfred for all your hypnotherapy more
Life Vision Counselling
Life Vision Counselling
Alfred really helped me get my life back on track! I was able to Quit Smoking in just one session and my anxiety has... now almost disappeared. Thank you Alfred! You made such a difference to my life, far more active and loads of energy to run around after the kids!read more
Louise Denison
Louise Denison
Alpha Hypnotics.I saw Mr. Alfred Podhorodecki about issues which I had been trying to deal with unsuccessfully for... some time. Alfred displayed empathy and understanding and through his skill and professional approach I was able to bring about many positive changes within myself. Since then, I have excelled.The things that hampered, and limited me, no longer do so.I am grateful to Mr. Alfred Podhorodecki, for his experience, skills, talents in Clinical Hypnotherapy and the many things he taught me to enhance my more
Nenad Stanojevic
Nenad Stanojevic
WOW! I wish I could give more stars! Alfred is awesome!! I came across Alfred through my work and he "challenged" me to... try hypnosis...........Its been a long time since I've felt so good both physically and mentally. Highly highly highly recommend Alfred. If you've ever given hypnosis a thought, just do it and this is the place to go! Tell him "jo" sent you ;-)read more
jo ross-jackson
jo ross-jackson
Great hypnotherapist if you're ready to give up your addictions and so forth! I would highly recommend him!!
Andrew Colmitto
Andrew Colmitto